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Floor Cleaning Balbriggan

Floor Cleaning Balbriggan

Floor Cleaning Balbriggan


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Regardless of what type of floor you have and regardless of its condition, we can help you out. With innovative floor cleaning machines, premium quality floor cleaning products and highly skilled specialists, we can restore your floors in no time. No job is too small or too large and we are happy to deal with residential floor cleaning projects, commercial floor cleaning projects and industrial floor cleaning projects. Do not replace your old and damaged hardfloor before you speak to us. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation. Here is a list of services provided by our floor cleaning company:


Marble Floor Cleaning | Marble Restoration Services | Marble Polishing Services

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning | Terrazzo Floor Polishing | Terrazzo Floor Restoration

Terracotta Floor Cleaning | Terracotta Floor Sealing | Terracotta Floor Restoration

Travertine Floor Cleaning | Travertine Floor Restoration | Travertine Floor Polishing

Ceramic Floor Cleaning | Ceramic Floor Polishing | Ceramic Floor Sealing

Porcelain Floor Cleaning | Porcelain Floor Polishing | Porcelain Floor Restoration

Amtico Floor Cleaning | Amtico Floor Polishing | Amtico Floor Sealing

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning | Marmoleum Floor Polishing | Marmoleum Floor Sealing

Wood Floor Cleaning | Wood Floor Polishing | Wood Floor Refinishing Services

Vinyl Floor Cleaning | Vinyl Floor Polishing | Vinyl Floor Restoration Services

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services | Tile & Grout Sealing Services


Floor Cleaning Balbriggan | Why Us


There are a few professional floor cleaning companies that can help you out with a light floor cleaning project but there are no other floor cleaning companies with our level of expertise. We can advise, we can recommend the best solutions and we can sort out more complicated issues like floor staining, marble restoration and gloss enhancing, anti-slip treatments, scratch removal, etc. We are open 24/7 for any type of emergency floor cleaning services like decontamination, floods & other types of emergency floor cleaning projects. We own the right floor cleaning equipment and we have the right knowledge to resolve your issue. We can create a special package deal to include floor cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, stain removal, natural stone polishing, sealing, polishing and anti-slip treatments. We are fully insured, highly recommended and happy to contract any size project. 


Floor Cleaning Balbriggan | Commercial Floor Cleaning Services


You might have a small hope of finding a residential floor cleaning company but finding a commercial floor cleaning company capable of contracting a large warehouse or a school with 30+ classrooms will prove very difficult. This is the reason you call Commercial Floor Cleaning Dublin. With over 20 years experience dealing with school floors, warehouses, industrial floors, pub floors, catering industry floors, office floors, hotel receptions, etc, we can truly say that we are the masters of commercial floor cleaning in Dublin. Regardless of the size or the condition of your commercial floor cleaning & commercial floor polishing project, we can help you out. Spectacular results achieved on marmoleum floors, painted concrete floors, vinyl floors, cork floors, lino floors, tile floors & other types of hard wearing floors. Our commercial floor cleaning company provides affordable rates and second to none quality. All our work is fully certified and fully insured.


Floor Cleaning Balbriggan | Wood Floor Cleaning & Oiled Floor Refreshing


If you own wood floors or if you manage a commercial unit fitted with wooden floors, you must be fully aware that the areas with higher traffic are likely to wear off faster and to require refreshing or recoating more often. Commercial Floor Cleaning specializes in deep wood floor cleaning and varnished floor polishing and also oiled floor recoating. We can also provide you with a free no obligation estimate for floor sanding services. 


  1. Varnished Floor Cleaning : Your wooden floor will be deep cleaned with a premium heavy duty wood floor cleaner and degreaser (usually Carver, Bona or Tover range). By deep cleaning the wood floor with a strong degreaser we will fully remove all kinds of impregnated grease, fats or food residue. The same products will also help exfoliate general grime deeply ingrained in the wood grain. The next step is polishing or sealing. Commercial Floor Cleaning Dublin uses high traffic non glazing water based floor polishes suitable for wood floors. Depending on the type of wood and the level of traffic, we are likely to use Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic or Carver Pronto Wood Floor Polish. The wood floor will look spotless, healthy and ready for daily traffic. 
  2. Oiled Floors Cleaning : Your wooden floor will be deep cleaned with one of our amazing oiled floor cleaners from Carver, Bona or Tover. A deep clean and a light scrubbing will remove all types of impregnated dirt, food residue, grime, grease & fats. The surface will be left spotless but unsealed. The next step is refreshing. We will be using Carver Carsol Oiled Floor Refresher to recoat and re-glaze the surface. This product is one of the best oiled floor refreshers if not the best. There is a fine process to apply it where a number of low speed and high speed floor buffers will be used to apply the oil, spread the oil and dry the oil. Usually, a newly treated oiled floor will be ready for use within a few hours. We are happy to adapt to any special requirements and tight schedules.


For all your wood floor cleaning needs call Commercial Floor Cleaning Services. We are happy to provide you with a free no obligation estimate.


Floor Cleaning Balbriggan | Marmoleum Floor Cleaning 


Marmoleum floors are highly popular with educational institutions, the healthcare industry and some offices. A marmoleum floor is for life if the floor is cleaned, maintained & refreshed as recommended. Marmoleum floors are manufactured from a blend of organic and eco-friendly components. Marmoleum floors are sold in all possible colours, shapes and sizes. A newly polished marmoleum floor can look brand new even if the floor is over 20 years old. Commercial Floor Cleaning specializes in deep cleaning, stripping, polishing and restoring marmoleum floors. We deal with thousands of regular customers who use our services on a regular basis. We can remove dull patches, we can remove staining and we can restore all kinds of marmoleum floors to their past glory. Commercial Floor Cleaning provides free no obligation estimates.


  1. Marmoleum Floor Cleaning : If your marmoleum floor is still in good shape but a bit dull and dirty, you can avail of our light marmoleum floor cleaning & polishing. For this service to work, the surface has to be sealed and the sealant in good shape. The floor will be deep cleaned with the famous Cleanfast Floor Clean, the surface will be fully degreased and prepared for burnishing. Then the whole floor will be burnished (polished) with high speed floor buffers and red|white floor pads. The surface will look clean and shiny.
  2. Marmoleum Floor Cleaning : If your marmoleum floor is patchy but not badly damaged, then you can book our medium marmoleum floor cleaning service. We will deep clean the surface to remove all kinds of impregnated dirt, grime, grease, fats, oils & food residue. The surface will be sealed with 1-3 coats of floor primer to repair the dull patches & then the whole surface will be sealed with 1-2 coats of high traffic floor polish.The last step is high speed burnishing. When the surface is burnished with a high speed floor burnisher, all individual coats of sealers are melted and joined together into one compact coat of sealer. The process of re-sealing and polishing requires precision, knowledge and proper products.
  3. Marmoleum Floor Cleaning : If the floor is badly damaged and it cannot be restored without the old sealers being removed in full, then you can avail of our heavy duty marmoleum floor cleaning services. We will use a number of highly active floor strippers to dissolve all sealers, primers & all pre-existing floor polishes. Some floor polishes are water based while others are solvent based so there is no magic bullet that works on all. A professional floor cleaner will know the difference between solvent and water based floor sealers. After the last bit of floor polish was removed in full (this is a highly dangerous operation that can really damage your floors), we will prepare for surface neutralizing. A special low PH floor cleaner will be used to neutralize any residue of floor stripper from the floor surface. The next step is priming. The primer will level up the floor’s surface and it will prepare the surface for polishing. The number of coats of primer can vary from floor to floor. After the primer is fully dry, we will proceed with the polishing. 2-3 coats of Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic will be used to seal the surface. The final step is the burnishing. 


Call Commercial Floor Cleaning right now and book a full site survey. We will assess your floor and will recommend the most suitable solution for your particular floor. 


Floor Cleaning Balbriggan | Marble Floor Cleaning


A properly maintained and polished marble is likely to enhance the look of your commercial unit. A quality marble floor will last for many years with basic care and basic maintenance. The issue with most marble floors is the fact that the “basic” maintenance is not respected and a beautiful and prestigious natural stone floor ends up looking cheap, tired & dated. No need to worry. The good thing about any marble floor is the fact that it can be restored without any problems. Call Commercial Floor Cleaning today and ask us for a free no obligation estimate. So what can we do for you?


  1. Marble Floor Cleaning | Cleaning & Sealing : Your marble floor is dull and patchy because the surface has become porous and those pores are full of dirt. We will need to extract the dirt from those pores and fill up the pores with a sealer to prevent the dirt from getting in again. Commercial Floor Cleaning will deep clean your marble floors with top of the range marble care products, we will remove all grout dirt and we will prepare the surface for sealing. We use a number of solvent and water based impregnators from a number of well established brands. It is important to know what type of finish you are after. You can have your marble floor sealed with a wet look, a semi gloss or a natural looking sealer. It is a matter of personal preference. A marble floor deep cleaned and sealed with professional marble care products is likely to not need any more resealing for at least 24 months. 
  2. Marble Floor Cleaning | Grinding & Polishing : If your marble floor is badly scratched, full of dull patches and uneven, then we will need to grind it. By grinding it, we will remove the top coat of your floor with special diamond pads from Diafil. Basically we will sand up your marble floors with rough, medium & fine quality diamond pads. Depending on the size of the scratches and the level of lippage on your tiles, the marble floor can be grinded with diamond pads starting from 30 grit up to 12k grit. The diamond pad will leave the floor rough initially but moving up the grits, the surface will get glossier and glossier. Up to grit 1800, the surface will look clean but kind of matt. From 3500 grit up, the surface will start achieving a highly polished look. The sheen can also be restored with marble polishing powders and marble polishing creams. The application and usage of marble polishing powders and marble polishing creams is a company secret and not easy to do at all. But the final results are just spectacular when done right. 


If your beloved marble floor has lost its original gloss and now it looks tired and dated, please call Commercial Floor Cleaning and enquire about our amazing marble floor cleaning and marble floor polishing services. We will restore your floors in no time.


Floor Cleaning Balbriggan | Amtico Floor Cleaning 


Amtico floors have made history in Ireland since the early 60s. Initially most of the amtico floors were fitted in residential units. Commercial amtico flooring had not become popular until the early 90s. The price was too high to make financial sense for most commercial units. But in the early 90s, amtico has come up with a cheaper amtico floor that has become one of the most widely used types of floors in all new shops, pharmacies, offices, etc. An amtico floor is a type of plastic floor that imitates other floors. An amtico floor can imitate wood floors, lino, tiles, marble, laminates, carpets, etc. Many residential amtico floor owners are not even aware that they actually own amtico floors instead of wooden floors. 


To maintain an amtico floor in its best condition and to make sure that the surface is not over polished, you should call a professional commercial floor cleaning company like Commercial Floor Cleaning and have us assess your floors. All amtico floors require regular cleaning and sealing to prevent staining and to look special. So what can we do for you?


Commercial Floor Cleaning will use heavy duty industrial and commercial floor strippers to remove all pre-existing sealers and polishes. Many amtico floor owners use amtico maintainers to maintain their floors. But those maintainers over-glaze the surface and this traps dirt between the coats of the maintainer. We will fully remove all sealers and all coatings from your amtico floors. The floor will be fully neutralized and prepared for polishing. The secret is to seal the surface but not to glaze the surface. By glazing an amtico floor that imitates wood, you will end up with a laminate looking floor. This is why you need to deal with proper professionals like Commercial Floor Cleaning. A newly sealed amtico floor should have full protection for up to 36 months. All our sealers and heavy duty floor strippers are designed for amtico floors & all plastic floors.


Floor Cleaning Balbriggan | Terracotta Floor Cleaning


One of the finest artificial stones is terracotta. Terracotta floors are usually found in old pubs, commercial kitchens, art galleries, old shops, etc. Not a lot of people are having terracotta floors fitted any longer due to the high costs of installing it and maintaining it. But when a terracotta floor is cleaned and sealed with proper products, it can be seen. It looks apart. It enhances the look of the whole building. In fairness, a terracotta floor requires regular maintenance and care. The type of work that most commercial people are not willing to do. But if you own terracotta floors and if you are looking for a company to restore it to its beautiful best, then call Commercial Floor Cleaning right now and book a site assessment. We are one of the very few terracotta floor cleaning and terracotta floor sealing contractors.


Terracotta floor cleaning will only work if the surface is being sealed as well. A terracotta floor is like a large brick, highly absorbent. It absorbs liquids, grease, dirt, food, grime, etc. Basically anything that ends up in the top of an unsealed terracotta tile will end up being absorbed by the tile. To seal all the large pores and to prevent further staining, we will use one of the most efficient, durable & cost effective terracotta sealers ever. 


  1. Step 1 : Deep Cleaning The Terracotta | To be able to see what type of dirt or sealer is on the terracotta tile, the floor has to be deep cleaned with heavy duty terracotta cleaning products. Cleaning terracotta is not easy at all because any liquid that ends up on it will be absorbed nearly instantly. But Commercial Floor Cleaning has its own technique and strategy to do that. After the tile and the grout are degreased and fully cleaned, the tile had to be sealed.
  2. Step 2 : Impregnating | Using a standard floor polish on a terracotta tile is pointless. So we will use a thick solvent gel that dries nearly instantly and seals the absorbent pores. The gel does not glaze at all but it fully dries in contact with the tile. Usually 2-3 coats of gel is more than enough to achieve that rich finish. For more information about terracotta floor cleaning and terracotta floor sealing please contact Commercial Floor Cleaning.


Book our professional terracotta floor cleaning and terracotta floor sealing service. We are fully insured and highly recommended. A well established floor cleaning company with over 20 years experience.


Floor Cleaning Balbriggan | Ceramic Floor Cleaning 


Ceramic tiles are by far the most popular types of floors in Ireland. Cheap, easy to install and available in a wide range of colours and sizes. Thousands of commercial units all over Ireland have ceramic tiles. Deep cleaning or maintaining ceramic tiles is easy and can be done with basic tools and cleaning products. But the problem arises when the ceramic floors are neglected for long periods of time or when the grout lines are impregnated with thick layers of grime. The standard cleaning products stop working and the floor looks hopeless. Time to call Commercial Floor Cleaning and have your floors deep cleaned and fully restored. We specialise in ceramic floor cleaning, ceramic floor sealing & ceramic floor polishing. 


  1. Ceramic Floor Cleaning | The first and most important step is to extract all the dirt from the ceramic tiles & grout lines. We will use a number of alkaline, acidic or high PH ceramic floor cleaners. We will scrub the whole surface with heavy industrial floor buffers and then we will extract all the dirt with professional wet vacs.
  2. Ceramic Floor Sealing | After the floor is deep cleaned and the last residue is fully extracted, we will seal the surface with solvent or water based floor impregnators to seal the top of the tile and to make sure that the surface won`t get as dirty as fast again. No sealant in the world will ever last forever but some sealers are better quality than others. All you need to do is to select the most suitable product from our list and we will proceed with the sealing job. You can select a matt, semi gloss, gloss, wet look or natural look floor impregnator. The durability is not affected by the level of sheen.
  3. Ceramic Floor Cleaning | Polishing. After the floor is sealed and it does not absorb any more liquids, we will burnish the surface with high speed floor burnishers. By doing so we heat the surface and we make sure that the impregnator is dry and it does its job. 


Do not put up with dirty ceramic floors. Call Commercial Floor Cleaning right now and book a site survey. We have been the masters of ceramic floor cleaning and ceramic floor polishing since 2001. Our experience and expertise is unrivaled in this market.


Floor Cleaning Balbriggan | Porcelain Floor Cleaning 


Porcelain floors are a no-brainer for all commercial units. The tiles are cheap, available in a wide range of colours and shapes and are also very durable. Some porcelain floors imitate marble floors to such perfection that even a professional floor cleaner can be fooled. But like all other floors, the porcelain floors will get dirty, will scratch and will get damaged. There are two types of porcelain floors, glossy and matt finish. The glossy ones look like a mirror most times while the matt ones look pretty dull. Maintaining and cleaning porcelain floors does not require a lot of tools or fancy floor cleaning products, but from time to time a bit of professional care is required. Some highly polished porcelain floors can scratch easily while the very matt ones can absorb dirt. No need to worry. Commercial Floor Cleaning has a solution for any issue related to porcelain floors. We have created some cleaning packages to suit all our customers.


  1. Matt Porcelain Floor Cleaning | After alot of use the owner of this kind of floor will notice that a fine residue is building up around the edges of the floor and in areas where the mop head hardly fits. The tiles are not damaged but a stronger cleaning product is required to remove the residue and restore the original look. Commercial Floor Cleaning will use a mixture of porcelain safe cleaning products to degrease and descale the surface. The residue will just melt away. After the floor is deep cleaned and dried, we will dry buff the floor with a white floor pad to close the pores.
  2. Glossy Porcelain Floor Cleaning | Due to its high gloss, all stains and residue build ups are very visible. In most cases the main reason for dirt build up is actually the cleaning product used to clean the tile. The residue left behind by the cleaning product will stain and mark the floor. A quick deep clean with porcelain safe cleaning products will remove the fine film coat and all the dull patches from the porcelain floors. The final buffing will create the high gloss associated with porcelain floors.
  3. Scratched Porcelain Floors | If the porcelain floor gets scratched, the process of restoring is much more difficult. We will use a special porcelain restoration cream from Faber to repair the scratches and then another polishing cream to restore the gloss. The process is highly time consuming and not cheap at all. If your floor has visible scratches all over its glazing, call Commercial Floor Cleaning fast. Do not attempt to sort it out yourself. Polishing porcelain floors with porcelain restoration creams is a step by step process and it takes a lot of time.


Do not wait until your porcelain floor is so damaged that it looks hopeless. Wash your floors with non residue cleaning products compatible with porcelain floors. Every couple years call Commercial Floor Cleaning and have your floors restored right.


Floor Cleaning Balbriggan | Terrazzo Floor Cleaning 


Terrazzo floors are not as popular as they used to be but many old buildings, churches, schools, pubs, etc, still have this kind of floor. Terrazzo floors are a mixture of concrete and marble pebbles. It can be any colour, any shape and any size. It can be floors or stairs. It is designed to last for a very long period of time. But like any marble or concrete floor, the routine cleaning and maintenance is essential. A terrazzo floor is cleaned pretty much like a marble floor. Diamond pads are being used to smoothen up the surface and to remove dull patches and imperfections. Terrazzo floor cleaning will include floor degreasing and grime removal, sealing and polishing. The final sheen can be achieved through a high speed burnishing with a diamond pad (all steps have to be followed) or with a polishing powder or cream. But the most important thing is that the surface has to be degreased so the polishing powder or cream can penetrate. A solvent or water based impregnator can also be used to create that special wet look finish.


Commercial Floor Cleaning dublin can provide you with a free no obligation estimate for commercial terrazzo floor cleaning, terrazzo floor sealing, terrazzo floor scratch removal, terrazzo floor dull patch removal and terrazzo floor polishing. Your old and dated terrazzo floor will look as new again. 


Floor Cleaning Balbriggan | Vinyl Floor Cleaning 


The old vinyl floor is still alive and well. Even though over the past 30 years the new marmoleum floor has largely replaced the vinyl and lino floors, there are still many places that have vinyl floors in great shape. Everybody knows that a good quality vinyl floor is nearly impossible to damage, but a neglected vinyl floor will make the whole building feel tired and unkempt. Why not call Commercial Floor Cleaning right now and book our professional vinyl floor cleaning service? We are affordable, reliable and happy to contract any size job in any location. We use some of the most durable vinyl floor polishes and we are very flexible with our opening hours. So what can we do for you?


We can strip off all pre-existing finishes from your vinyl floor. The dullness and patchy look is a result of worn off floor polish. Some areas with high traffic have worn faster than others. We will remove all those patchy areas and we will expose the base floor. The surface will be primed with highly effective floor primers that will create an even and smooth finish. Then we will apply 2 coats of Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% and your floor will look like a mirror again. On the final step we will burnish the floor with high speed floor buffers to create a compact coat of sealer that will last for many years.


Call Commercial Floor Cleaning right now. We are one call away. Our company is fully insured and highly recommended.


Floor Cleaning Balbriggan | Travertine Floor Cleaning 


One of the most popular natural stone floors in Ireland is the travertine floor. The travertine floor is not actually a marble floor but is called marble for some reason. In fact, the travertine floor is a type of limestone. There are different grades of travertine floors based on the size of the holes. Some of the cheapest travertine tiles are full of holes and very porose while some of the fanciest ones are very compact, low porosity, no holes and available in a number of different colours. Commercial Floor Cleaning cleans and seals travertine floors pretty much the same way as we clean marble floors. Due to its high porosity, the cheapest types of travertine floors cannot be polished with polishing creams or polishing powders. Instead, we will use solvent based sealers and impregnators. The compact travertine floors with no holes can be polished to a high gloss finish with the same products used to polish marble floors. If you own travertine tiles and if you are not happy with the way it looks right now, call Commercial Floor Cleaning and we will restore your tiles in no time. Our highly skilled floor cleaning and floor polishing specialists will show you samples of work done and they will recommend the most suitable finishes. For all your travertine floor cleaning needs call Commercial Floor Cleaning.


Floor Cleaning Balbriggan | Tile & Grout Cleaning 


While most of our customers can deal with the top of the tile, many hate cleaning the grout. The grout lines are usually very rough and will absorb a lot of dirt. This dirt build up will eventually end up rock hard and most standard floor cleaning products will not affect it at all. Time to call Commercial Floor Cleaning and avail our tile & grout cleaning services. Through a mixture of highly effective grout cleaning products, industrial floor scrubbers and rough force, we will extract all the dirt from your grout line and we will restore the original look of your tiles. The final price for tile & grout cleaning will depend on the size of the grout line, the number and the condition of it. But give Commercial Floor Cleaning a call right now and ask us for a free no obligation quote.


Do not waste your precious time with cheap and inefficient floor cleaning companies. Call a professional floor cleaning company with over 20 years experience and have your floors properly restored. We are one of the most highly rated and recommended floor cleaning companies in Ireland.


Floor Cleaning Balbriggan