Office Cleaning Ballsbridge

Office Cleaning Ballsbridge


To maintain a good level of cleanliness in your office space you are likely to use the services of a professional office cleaning company. This not only makes a lot of financial sense but it takes the hassle out of having your office clean and tidy. By employing the services of a professional office cleaning company you will simply have to do a single payment at the end of the month in order to have all your office cleaning issues dealt with & all cleaning products supplied. No more looking for replacement cleaners when your regular cleaner does not show up and no more hassle. Most professional office cleaning contractor offer two types of office cleaning services:


Once Off Office Cleaning Services

Regular Office Cleaning Services


Depending on your particular requirements, you can select a daily or weekly cleaning service or you can just book a deep office cleaning service once in a while as needed. Our company provides outstanding office cleaning services for very reasonable rates. Our prices are clear, our work quality is second to none and our staff are fully insured. If you are not sure about what exactly you are looking for or what type of service you might need, just give us a call and let us assess your situation. 


Office Cleaning Ballsbridge | Once Off Office Cleaning Services


A once off cleaning service means that the service will only be done once. This kind of office cleaning service usually applies to people that are moving out, moving in, having renovation work done or if they had some type of infestation. After the initial contact, our company will drop by and we will assess your project. Depending on the type of cleaning service required, the price will vary. A standard once off office cleaning project will include vacuuming, dusting, bathroom cleaning, canteen or kitchen cleaning and desk cleaning. This kind of service will be classified as “light office cleaning service”. Or if the office is in very bad shape, we can offer you a deal to also include commercial carpet cleaning, internal & external window cleaning services, floor cleaning & floor polishing, full disinfection services and odor neutralizing. Our estimates are free and no obligation.


Office Cleaning Ballsbridge | Regular Office Cleaning


Maintaining a good level of cleaning without having regular office cleaners is not easy. Even if each worker has a duty of care, the communal areas will be ignored 100%. Hiring a professional office cleaning company to come once  or twice per week or every day to lightly clean and maintain the office is the best way of preventing dirt build ups. If the office is cleaned a number of times per week, then there is no need for really heavy duty cleaning services. The cleaner will present herself or himself at specific times and they will follow a pre-agreed routine. The cleaner will create its own cleaning routine that will cover all areas once a week while some areas like the kitchen and the bathrooms will be cleaned more often. The standard flat fee for regular office cleaning will include the cleaner, all taxes, holiday pay, insurance & all cleaning supplies. Basically no more worries for our customers.


Office Cleaning Ballsbridge | Eco Products


We pride ourselves on using only premium quality eco cleaning products manufactured in Ireland. Your office will be deep cleaned with top quality products while being once off or regularly cleaned. Our company uses specific cleaning products for particular types of cleaning jobs. Data sheets for all our cleaning products can be provided to any interested third party.


Office Cleaning Ballsbridge | Opening Times


We are open Monday to Saturday 7 am to 10 pm. Regular office cleaning services can be adapted to any schedule to suit our customer. A once off office cleaning project is usually pre-planned ahead in most cases. We also provide once off emergency cleaning services to deal with floods, infestations or any other types of office cleaning issues. Either way, our company is very flexible within its opening times and happy to adapt to most requirements.


Office Cleaning Ballsbridge | Rates


The price can vary from job to job and location to location. A flat rate is informative only and it can change depending on a number of factors. The flat fee for regular office cleaning services usually applies to an office building located in the city center, with good public transport links and no special requirements. If the office is located 20+ km from the city center, if access is awkward, if there are special requirements and if the cleaning takes place at unsuitable hours, then the rate will reflect that. While dealing with once off office cleaning services our company will provide a pre-agreed flat fee that will not change unless the customer requires additional cleaning not included in the original quote. Either way, our company is one of the most reliable and most highly recommended office cleaning companies in Dublin.


Office Cleaning Ballsbridge |  Insurance


A professional office cleaning company like our company cannot trade without being fully insured. Even the best office cleaning company can have accidents. But the problem starts when your office cleaning company has no insurance. Book us and we will make sure that all your office furniture and belongings are fully covered while we clean your office. A copy of our insurance cert can be provided to any interested customer.


If you have decided to hire a local office cleaning company, then you should just give us a call. We will create a package deal to cover all your requirements. Our cleaners are fully insured, Garda vetted and very polite. We are happy to contract small, medium and large office cleaning projects. Our work is fully guaranteed and fully certified. Our office is based in Dublin city so very easy access in all directions. Check out our website and contact us by email, online booking form or phone. While we cover pretty much all Co Dublin, there are some areas that we don`t cover. To be sure that we do provide regular or once off office cleaning within your area please contact us.


Office Cleaning Ballsbridge