Commercial floor cleaning


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    Our commercial floor cleaning services keep us very busy. Commercial Cleaning Dublin is a well established company offering top quality floor cleaning services that can help you restore your commercial floors to a like new condition with heavy duty floor cleaning equipment, innovative products and durable sealers. We are happy to contract any type of floor cleaning project in any condition.

    So what can we do for you?

    Our standard commercial floor cleaning service will cover deep cleaning and stain removal plus buffing. Sealing and polishing is usually an additional service that is not required by all of our customers. Commercial Cleaning Dublin uses heavy duty floor cleaners & strippers from Faber and Cleanfast. We can remove pretty much any type of solvent and water based floor polishes, rust & mold stains and we can also help you out with special floor relating issues.

    If you decide to have your floors polished or sealed as well, then you are spoilt for choice. We work with a number of solvent based and water based sealers, polishes, impregnators, etc, to seal all types of artificial and natural stone floors. An old and stained floor can be restored to a new condition by our highly skilled specialists.

    Commercial Cleaning Dublin is happy to provide you with a free no obligation estimate for light commercial floor cleaning services, deep commercial floor cleaning services, natural stone grinding & polishing, all plastic floors cleaning & polishing and generally all types of full commercial floor restoration services. We have deep cleaned and restored commercial floors since 2007. We have done it all and seen it all. We are happy to contract floors of any size in any condition for a commercial floor cleaning project.