Commercial window cleaning


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    While there are a number of window cleaning companies providing residential and light commercial window cleaning services, there are very few professional commercial window cleaning companies that can provide the same level of service at the same great prices as Commercial Cleaning Dublin. We employ highly skilled commercial window cleaning specialists that between them, have over 100 years of experience. Plus the fact that we are using some of the most innovative reach and wash window cleaning systems ever manufactured.

    So what can we do for you?

    For regular maintenance and light commercial window cleaning services we use our high performance reach and wash window cleaning system. A reach and wash window cleaning system uses a system of brushes and pure water. Basically water is filtered to remove all the salts and minerals and then used to clean the windows. Streak free results guaranteed. This kind of commercial window cleaning system will only work if the windows are cleaned regularly. If the glass is very dirty and there is serious residue on it, we will have to use a classic window cleaning system and some window cleaning & degreasing chemicals. Either way, we will have the right solution for your particular job.

    If your windows are inaccessible without the use of a cherry picker or a hoist, that is no problem. Our highly skilled window cleaning specialists will reach your windows with the help of lifting equipment. Also, our commercial window cleaning services will cover new large scale housing developments, office windows, annual apartment complexes window cleaning, etc. You just let us know what you need done and we will create a package to fit your budget.

    We price each job individually. There is no standard pricing. The final price for commercial window cleaning will depend on the job size, complexity, access & equipment required. Our online estimate will provide you with a clear picture and full breakdown of the pricing. A standard commercial window cleaning price will cover the exterior windows only. We can quote you for interior and exterior window cleaning, adhesive removal and other types of window cleaning services on request.