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    Industrial Cleaning

    industrial cleaning services

    Industrial Cleaning Services


    When you plan for industrial cleaning services you need to consider a number of factors before making an educated decision. You want to deal with a well established industrial cleaning company capable of undertaking all kinds of light & heavy duty cleaning services, you want to deal with an industrial cleaning company capable of coming up with innovative solutions, you want to deal with a fully insured industrial cleaning company and of course, you want to pay the fair price for the project. You will get all of the above and more when booking Commercial Cleaning Dublin.


    1. Thousands of industrial cleaning projects completed over the past 17 years

    2. Fully insured to undertake all kinds of industrial & commercial  cleaning projects

    3. Premium quality staff and proper heavy duty industrial cleaning equipment

    4. Capable of contracting any type, any size industrial cleaning projects

    5. Highly recommended and highly reviewed by all our regular customers

    6. Available 24/7, ready for emergency industrial cleaning projects

    7. Free no obligation estimates & reasonable prices guaranteed

    Industrial Cleaning Services

    Industrial Cleaning Services | While most of the large commercial cleaning companies can undertake some industrial cleaning projects, very few of them can provide the same level of service as Commercial Cleaning Dublin. We comply with all local legislation and our staff are fully certified to work at heights, use some of the most aggressive chemicals and use heavy duty industrial power washing systems. No job is too small or too big for us.


    Industrial Cleaning Services | We understand that not all industrial cleaning projects are the same so we are happy to create special packages to suit all requirements and all needs. You can book a partial industrial cleaning project or you can go for a deep industrial cleaning project. Our standard industrial cleaning project will include:

    1. Floor Cleaning | Depending on the type of floor that you own, there are a number of ways of deep cleaning it and restoring it. While most industrial floors will require degreasing and tyre mark removal, some industrial floors will require re-polishing or power washing. Either way, we have the right equipment & the knowledge to do so.

    2. Surface Dusting | Many of our industrial cleaning projects will include dusting all high areas to create a better air quality for the workers. In some cases this will involve the use of lifting equipment, extendable poles & industrial dusters. Some industrial units could be too high to reach with dusting poles so cherry pickers or hoists will be used to tackle this kind of project.

    3. Bathroom Cleaning | Industrial bathrooms can get very dirty and greasy. Tens, hundreds or in some cases, thousands of people using the same bathrooms can create a lot of dirt. We can restore your bathroom area to a new condition and create a safe and clean environment for the users. Our standard industrial bathroom cleaning will include floor cleaning, wall cleaning, taps & fittings cleaning, toilet descaling & urinal cleaning.

    4. Canteen Cleaning Services | A factory canteen used by hundreds of people is likely to get very dirty. Even if the place has regular cleaners, they cannot keep on top of such a massive clean. You just need to hire Commercial Cleaning Dublin once in a while to deep clean & restore your full canteen area and from there you can use your regular cleaners to maintain it daily.

    Industrial Cleaning Services | Window cleaning is another essential industrial cleaning service. The natural light can help your workers’ mood and can reduce your electricity bill. But for the light to be able to penetrate you will need to have spotless windows and that is not an easy task in an industrial unit. Book Commercial Cleaning Dublin to deal with all your industrial window cleaning projects.


    Industrial Cleaning Services | Power washing the outdoor areas and wall panels is another way of maintaining a good level of cleanliness. Book Commercial Cleaning Dublin to power wash all your footpaths, the parking areas, the patios, all your flat roofs & the wall panels. We can take care of all the lifting equipment and we can remove years of dirt build ups from all kinds of washable surfaces.


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