Warehouse cleaning


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    Keeping a warehouse floor in great shape is nearly impossible. Forklift tyre marks, dust and residue from pallets, foot traffic, leaks from equipment, this can overwhelm most companies. You may be able to successfully remove some of the dirt but over time grease, oil and residue can build up and a more intensive professional clean is needed. Time to call Commercial Cleaning Dublin. 

    So what can we do for you?


    The floors are usually the biggest issue. All warehouses are likely to have dirty floors. Commercial Cleaning Dublin will dust your floors, degrease your floors and disinfect your floors. We use heavy duty industrial floor scrubbers and industrial alkaline floor cleaners that can break apart all types of residue from painted floors, concrete floors, polished floors or tile floors. Your floors will be disinfected and degreased. By doing so, you will prevent accidents and cross contamination.


    Medium to large warehouses are likely to build up a lot of dust. This fine dust can negatively affect the staff using the warehouse plus the fact that anything stored within the warehouse will be covered in dust. Time to call Commercial Cleaning Dublin and have that particular issue addressed. We will use heavy duty extendable vacuum cleaners to reach all the high areas, all wall panels, lights, switches, vents, steel beams, banisters & generally all high areas where standard vacuum cleaners cannot reach. Improve the air quality in your warehouse with an intensive dust removal.

    Power Washing

    To create a full package to include indoor and outdoor warehouse cleaning, you should consider our power washing services. We are happy to provide you with a free no obligation estimate for footpath power washing services, wall power washing, roof power washing, pillar power washing & generally all types of power washing services to refresh and maintain your building’s appearance.

    Book a single service or create a package to include some or all of the above. Save over 30% by booking multiple cleaning services.