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Commercial Cleaning Dublin is an Irish owned commercial cleaning company that specializes in once off commercial cleaning services of all kinds. We use heavy duty cleaning equipment and innovative cleaning products.

We will provide free no obligation quotations before commencing a project. All rates will be pre-agreed before any work will commence.

We will issue invoices by email only and unless agreed otherwise, all invoices will require payment immediately after the project is completed. In some cases, where the project might take a long period of time, we will request a booking deposit.

Any issues or any complaints should be raised within 24 hours of completion of the work and will be dealt with immediately. We will not refund any customer that cannot show evidence of faulty work after this period of time. We will need to investigate the complaint and deal with it.

We will do all we can to ensure that our workers work safely and that all the equipment is fully serviced. We expect our customers to inform us of any hazards or potential risks within the site.

Our company is fully insured to undertake any type of commercial & residential cleaning project. Our insurance will only cover work done by our company and its employees.

Our company does not provide regular commercial cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning Dublin uses top quality sealers from well established brands. We can only guarantee our work if the surface is maintained with proper products and the cleaning routine is respected.

Cleaning certs for Commercial Kitchen Cleaning will only be issued after the project is completed and paid in full. Our company does not provide “duct cleaning services”.

We are open for business as required but for overnight jobs, we will require at least 24 hours.

Submission of an online booking request is not confirmation of booking. Booking is ONLY confirmed after you receive a call from us, usually within a few hours after the booking request was made.